TransAct is Big on Shop Small

A Bigger Shop Small Season

If you are not yet, it is time to get ready for a bigger Shop Small season. While the 2020 holiday season will be very different than the ones in the past, we need to focus efforts on shopping small, shopping local and supporting the local community of businesses. One day – one Saturday in November – as you all know, is not enough. Every day counts and each day of this holiday season is more important than ever.

TransAct has been working for the last few years to create new solutions to address the changes and habits of clients and consumers. These solutions are available now to help you in your efforts and initiatives to serve your local customers.

Comfort. Safety. Security.

All of these things are on their minds, and on the minds of business owners.

E-commerce digital payments and contactless processing have been a part of our merchant services offerings for many years. We are skilled at implementing them quickly and supporting our clients when they make the decision to add these payment options. TransAct solutions help customers shop from the comfort of their homes. They allow you and your team to be safe and ensure security in all aspects of a transaction.

Whether you are making a move from a traditional terminal or simple cash register to more robust and data-driven technology solutions, there are many options that are very easy and affordable to implement.

Digital Payment Processing

We want to remind you that there are options to convert your business payment processing to suit the needs of your clients and customers with a variety of digital payment processing solutions.

While there remains uncertainty in what is going on in the world around us, what we do know is that we must change. The sooner we do so, the sooner we will be able to support the community the way they are shopping now.

The 2020 Shop Small Season starts now. Are you ready?

Make Shop Small & Shopping Local Bigger

Do you need an e-commerce site?

Do you want to add online ordering?

Do you want to offer contactless payment options?

Do you want to offer digital payments that can be initiated via text or email?

If the answer to one or more of those questions is YES, contact us today.

The best part is that you get even more than those solutions. You also have the ability to review real-time sales data and manage transactional information with TransAct Merchant Services solutions.

You are in the right place. TransAct is ready to support you in this initiative to be ready for the holidays in 2020 and have a strong start into 2021. It is time to make this year’s Shop Small season bigger than ever.

Schedule your one on one call today.