7 Reasons Why a Partnership Matters

Everyone enters the world of merchant service processing looking for the lowest cost alternative.  Here are 7 reasons why a partnership matters more:

1. A professional partner will review and train you and your team on the new payment system both how to use the equipment and best practices.
2. Help with establishing policies to allow multiple team members to run transactions – this will help minimize the risk to your business.

    Plus, Value Added Services that can help with:

3. Missing Deposits
4. Held Deposits
5. Chargebacks
6. Incorrectly issued or missing 1099
7. Help knowing when leased equipment is outdated or non-compliant and how best to replace it.

Consider what you lose when you choose the lowest cost alternative. You turn the service into a commodity and you lose the personal attention of a dedicated account manager who doesn’t actually cost you any more – at least not when you work with the professionals TransAct.

~ Mary Ann