5 Ways We Can Help Eliminate Annual Tax Filing Stress

Are you struggling to pull together your tax paperwork? Here are 5 ways we can help eliminate annual tax filing stress! No matter what type of business you own, the end of the year and the early part of the next can be challenging. It is time to leverage all of the tools in the toolbox and be ready to grow in 2024!

1) Automation

If you have a TransAct merchant account, we can help you connect your records through our QuickBooks® integration.  It is easier than ever to do and you can learn everything you need to learn in one short, 20 minute phone call. Schedule a call today.

2) Reduced Staff and Support

Between the great resignation and quiet quitting, we know you are tasked with doing more due to reduced staff and internal support. Stop manually entering invoices; use electronic invoicing and collect payments using text to pay, EFT or e-check processing. This automatically matches invoices and payments while giving you easy access to Accounts Receivable reports.

3) Software Connectivity

Besides QuickBooks® integration, we can help you connect your merchant services account with your Point of Sale system to automatically track inventory. This acts in real time, helps with stock management and replenishment as well as the cost of goods compared to retail pricing.

4) Make Online Tax Payments

Plan ahead for quarterly tax filings with auto pay from your merchant account. Be sure to consult with your accountant or tax professional to ensure adequate withholding and save from paying unnecessary penalties. With the newest tax laws, you may be surprised at what you owed this year – be ready for next year!! (Don’t overpay or underpay!)

5) Use The Back Office

Get on demand access to your merchant account with all the reports you need, including the annual summary. Through your TransAct account you have visibility to credit card, EFT/ACH and e-Check payment. Everything is on one integrated statement. With the click of a button, you can access your statements, save and share them with your tax professional in formats that allow them access. No number crunching. Save time. Save money.

Less stress is better, right? Any questions on how you can make your business and your life even easier, get in touch with us now.