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5 Ways a POS Helps Business Grow

As we get closer to the holidays we know that some business owners realize how happy they are to have a point-of-sale system in place. If you are on the fence, but considering investment for the coming year, here are 5 ways a POS helps business grow.

1. Real-time reporting. More than just sales, many systems offer basics that are as comprehensive as reporting out sales by shift, by employee, by payment type including loyalty cards.  They can even e-mail or text you the results as often as you want to know what is happening in the store, restaurant or in the field.

2. Inventory management. What is on hand after the day/week/month of sales? What do you need to reorder? It is all in there. Less paper. Less stress. Real time and on time reordering.

3. Integrated with accounting. Most systems can report the key information for your bookkeeping and accounting software like QuickBooks saving time and getting faster turn around time on monthly profit and loss statements.

4. Cloud based security. Most systems today help you to be PCI compliant by not storing credit card or client data on your local hard drive.  They can also send you alerts that new releases are ready to be installed, keeping you up to date and secure. (Since this is a rapidly changing requirement you might also want to refer back to our blogs from November on the changes coming to security and PCI compliance.)

5. Payment plans. A lot of our clients want to offer recurring monthly billing that saves them from processing paper invoices and tracking down late payments. It often helps close a contract on a larger ticket service or make a sale on a higher cost item. From service, to retail to medical practices this option can really help your bottom line.

Having the ability to select a customized solution from a wide variety of options that suit your business and your industry is helpful, too.  At TransAct, my team always offers hands-on, one-on-one training and a dedicated person to help make the transition from an old system (or none at all) to the right POS for your business. Thinking about your options, make sure to ask how we can help…because we can and we will!

~ Mary Ann

PS We can help with systems like Revel, Aloha, Apple’s Lightspeed, Micros, “all-in-one” systems like UAccept, mobile platforms (and more) that are right sized for your business. E-mail me to get more info and ask about a system you may be considering.