5 Important Credit Card Safety Travel Tips in Time for Memorial Day

Here are 5 Important Credit Card Safety Travel Tips in time for Memorial Day. Be sure to stay safe and secure this weekend with the official launch of summer.

1…Contact your card company and let them know you’re planning to spend more.

Often, security protocols can cut off access because your spending more than usual and you don’t want to delay getting into a theme park or paying for a celebratory vacation dinner.

2…Ask for receipts – whether you choose a traditional printed version, e-mail or text – and set up alerts for purchases over a certain amount.

You can get a text that alerts you immediately if you have not made a purchase (this is a good idea all year long.) Being able to review all of your purchases after the trip will help you verify spending and make sure all charges are valid.

3…Keep at least one card separated and secure in the event your main wallet or bag is stolen – or, one travel member can carry one card while you hold another.

Each of you should also carry the emergency number to call in case of lost or stolen card(s).

4…Spend what you have budgeted but, not more.

Over spending your limit can cost more with interest and or late fees if you can’t pay the entire card balance. The lasting memories you have from your trip are far more valuable when you know you have stayed on your plan and you are not stressed about how to pay the bills later.

5…Don’t leave your card or wallet out of sight. This includes “starting a tab” where they keep the card.

Pay as you go if they can’t process the card and hold it “securely suspended” in their POS.*

There you go. 5 Easy ways to make the most of your weekend from a credit standpoint.

If you’d like tips for your business security while you’re traveling, please let us know.

We can help you put important safety and security protocols into place making sure that employees who remain behind to run your business are doing so with your authorization, controlled access and yet, able to do their work! You can give permissions based on their role with your company.

*PS If you see “we will hold your card as your tab”, just tell them about TransAct services. We can help them become compliant with the latest PCI standards, which will allow them to offer better security and confidence with their guests.