5 Easy Ways You Can Use Accepting Credit Cards in Your Marketing

Today, there are more sophisticated ways than just a co-branded sticker on your window. Here are 5 easy ways you can use accepting credit cards in your marketing.

1. Offer easy to pay solutions that fit your customer’s needs. We know that not one solution fits all,  and here are some of the benefits you can offer to your customer.

Click to Pay is easy with this simple image.

– Add a click to pay button on your e-mail.

– Add a click to pay button on your website.

– Offer payment plans, allowing clients to break their large purchase into several, pre-set payments and auto-bill their credit card each month.

– Accept mobile payments initiated from a text message.

We can help you build a credit card toolkit that works for you and then share the info with your clients via e-mail,  blogs,  website, printed marketing materials and newsletters.

2. Install the latest hardware. Make it easy for them to pay (and making it easier for your staff to accept payments, do their job and maintain accurate records.)

– Terminals that accept EMV chipped cards. Share with your clients that you offer the latest in security and accept the chipped credit cards.

– Tell them that you can accept payment at their home, office or workplace with mobile devices like a Bluetooth card reader or a card swipe device for a mobile phone or internet enabled tablet.

– Update your Point Of Sale (POS) to use e-mail and text receipts. This helps you build your client information database, so you can follow up with them. Ask them about their recent experience, send them a reminder when they need to restock or are due for their next appointment and send them a sincere thank you for their business.

3. Accept all 4 card brands: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express and let them know it – not just with a window decal, sign on your POS or terminal. Put this information on your website, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, too.

4. If you already do #3, create customized marketing online. Did you know that American Express has easy to use, pre-designed marketing templates? Well, they do and you can create them online for your business in digital and printed format. Plus, it’s free and not just for Small Business Saturday anymore!

5. Make sure your printed and digital invoices say which cards you accept. You can also add this info to your Social Media and other marketing materials. Let your existing clients know you accept credit cards; they may not realize this. New customers want to know in advance how they will be able to pay; so tell them.

All of these ideas are pretty simple and easy to implement and if you would like help with any of these, please just let us know.