4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Summer

Here are 4 ways to make the most of your summer with simple accounting and bookkeeping processes you can implement with your TransAct account. (If you don’t have a TransAct account, give us a call – in twenty minutes we can help you learn what you need to do.)

    1. Set up a payment portal on your website for easier and faster collections.
    2. Invoice and accept payment via e-mail with a secure payment link.
    3. Add a point of sale system that suits your business; prepare for the second half of the year.
    4. Integrate your point-of-sale data and QuickBooks to easily import sales and transaction data.

Summer is not the time to let go and take a break; if you run your own business you know this better than most.

Sometimes, taking a pause to review your options and how you can make the next 3 to 6 months of your business better, more efficient and easier to manage can set you up to grow over the next year.

Taking the time to integrate technology, automation that doesn’t cost a lot can help more than you know. How do you find out if it can help? Call us to ask.

~ Mary Ann