4 Ways To See Growth in Revenues With Less Staff

We have heard from so many of our clients that they are overwhelmed and overworked due to changes in their businesses since March. Whether it is due to reductions in back office support, having to do more to meet new safety protocols, here are 4 ways to see growth in revenues with less staff.

Streamline Your Processes

We know you are reading this and think we are just saying something that “sounds easy” but is “really not” … think again. There are many automation tools that you probably already have in your TransAct account that you forgot you could use and they really do save time.

Plus, we always support our clients with training on how to do this or that. If you don’t remember, just ask us.

Setting up click to pay invoices eliminates many steps for you and your customers. Initiating this has not just streamlined the payment process and saved on office activities, for other clients it has reduced the turn around time to collect payments.

Work from Home or Work Virtually

So many businesses have decided to limit time in the office, or reduce how many are in all at once. Some may never re-open a corporate office and have decided to keep staff working remotely.

The work still has to be done and completed in a secure and safe way.

If that is what you are going through, and want to know more about your options for virtual workflows, you can definitely take advantage of digital payments, automatic recurring payment processes and reduce bookkeeping by integrating QuickBooks with your merchant account.

Setting up these options once and eliminating costly workflows are helping clients not only reduce stress, but they are increasing revenues and eliminating collections issues. If you are a home services contractor, medical professional, CPA or tax professional – or any other business owner who relies on billing your customers. We can help – let us know when you are ready to talk.