QuickBooks Integration

4 Steps to Take Now and Prepare For Year End

As we close out the first half of the year, we know the nest several months will go by more quickly than you think. Here are 4 steps to take now (and make the most of the last full month of your summer) and prepare for year end.

Reduce Paperwork and Overhead

  1. Invoice and accept payments via EFT e-mail with a secure payment link that is PCI compliant allowing clients to pay whenever they want 24/7/365
  2. Set up text to pay to close out open receivables in a timely manner and reduce follow up “paperwork”
  3. Update your Point Of Sale (POS) system that will help you manage inventory, loyalty, and online or e-commerce transactions all under the same platform
  4. Integrate your POS system and QuickBooks to streamline the transfer of data from one to another and eliminate data entry errors, save time, process key data more quickly for analysis, and reduce overhead

Integrate QuickBooks For 2022 Tax Filings

Integrate the newest and streamlined technology and automate processes that do not have to be done by “hand” anymore. This takes less time than you think and can help you be better prepared for the 3rd and 4th quarter, in addition to your end of year tax filings.

Best Payment Processing Tools for Year End

What are the best payment processing tools to make the year end records, bookkeeping, and accounting as streamlined as possible?

We have mentioned a few but each business is unique. Learn more and schedule a free 20 minute consult when you are ready.