4 Simple Tools Home Service Contractors Should Have In Their Toolbox

If you are in a service based business, you may want to know about these 4 simple tools home service contractors should have in their toolbox. Today, we know that you are unable to meet with a client to do a walk through, face to face, provide an estimate and then start the job, on the spot.

Instead, you have to do a virtual tour of the project, look for areas where you might not have full clarity on the scope of work and protect yourself from underbidding a job, while making sure that you get the work.

While you have to worry about all of those critical logistics, we can help in other areas. Especially if your office staff is furloughed or working part time. We want to remind you about the simple payment tools you already have in your TransAct merchant services tool box.

Home service contractors are using simple payment tactics that allow them to make invoicing easy and client payments much simpler.

TransAct provides a custom and secure click to pay button that can be added to your merchant account with one simple request. This can then be applied to electronic invoices sent via e-mail, text or your website. Then, clients can easily pay via one of these 4 methods:

1) e-check

2) credit card

3) EFT (electronic funds transfer)

4) ACH (automated clearing house)

What’s better, none of these require them to write a check, lick an envelope or find a stamp. Plus, you will receive the payment in your account while you work on the job site during the day. No need to collect the mail or go to the bank to make the deposits.

Our home services contractors are also offering electronic invoices that provide options for budget payment plans, spreading the payments out over a few to several months depending on the size of the job. The system will automatically be able to either bill or process an automatic recurring payment so that you don’t have to think about it once the process is set up at the start of the project.

We want to help you, help your clients use your services – whether it is the deck they decided to install instead of going on vacation, the exterior painting project they can’t tackle on their own or the replacement windows to make their home more energy efficient. No matter what your area of service, these 4 simple tools for collecting payment should definitely be in your tool box.

If you forgot how to use them (or never had to do the back office work), we can schedule a refresher training session for you. If you are not sure you have these tools available, and want a free assessment just let us know. Or, want to get started right away, call us now.