Get Started With 4 Easy Things You Can Do in January

At the beginning of the year, it feels as though there are many things that just have to get started. We spend a lot of time in our business each year, planning, budgeting and then, in some cases, waiting. Waiting for the year’s projects to be finished, waiting for the holidays to be over, waiting for clients to be ready for the work that we can do, waiting to get paid after the work has been completed. Waiting for January.

The wait is over and it is definitely time to get started with 4 easy things you can do in January that will help your business now.

  1. Education. There are always new processes available for your business model and we are at the heart of what is happening in the industry. Our team is always learning new ways to help our clients become more efficient and we are dedicated to taking the time to help you and your team understand exactly what it is that they need to do to be more effective.
  2. Software. Are you running the latest releases or are you sitting on the fence waiting to make important updates to virtual terminals and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems? Let’s make sure that you are running on the most efficient, secure and current platforms available to you and your hardware. Most of the time, this is a free upgrade or it is included in your service fees.
  3. Upgrade. Sometimes, software can do a lot, but in other cases, better equipment with advanced features and faster processing can save you both time and money while enhancing the services you make available to your customers and clients. (Think loyalty programs, automation and customer relationship management tools.)
  4. TLS. Check to see if you are current on the TLS security settings. Not sure, just ask, we can help.

January can make or break many businesses.  So, whether you are looking into your books from 2017, looking to get the right data to your accountant, trying to bring in the last collections from aging receivables, or hoping to make the most of the customer database you have – there are ways to help make your efforts easier, efficient and more profitable.

If any of these ideas have you thinking the time is now to get started, please reach out to us – we are here for you and your business, whether you want to tackle just one of these ideas or implement all 4 – we can put together the right solutions for you now.

Happy New Year!  Let me know when you are ready to get started and get ahead this January!

~ Mary Ann