4 Benefits of Owning Your Own Business

Here are 4 benefits of owning your own business that you may not know are directly related to accepting credit cards.

1) Work when you want, collect payments where ever you are (even on vacation or eating lunch or closed for the day).

2) Write off the expenses associated with payments to your business.

3) TransAct allows you to set up security for each and every employee – you can control who has access and know exactly who talked to the client last.

4) Recurring payment plans offer a flexible payment schedule for larger purchases (making each payment more affordable) or even charging your fee every week or month based on when you provide a service.

It’s your business, make sure that you are enjoying the benefits available to you by today’s technology and keep in mind, that adding credit cards typically increases revenues.

Nearly 90% of the population prefer to pay by credit card whether it is credit or debit card – to your business, these are the same.  In addition, a study completed by TSYS in 2016 (just 2 years ago) showed that nearly two-thirds of the population believed that the future would be cashless!

As more and more people eliminate paying by check or cash, having the easiest ways to accept card payments can serve these clients better, earning you loyalty and securing recurring revenue for your business…which allows you to take advantage of your business ownership advantages. Perhaps, this is poolside on vacation.

~ Mary Ann

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