4 Amazing Reasons to Use a Boutique Merchant Services Company

Besides having Mary Ann as your professional resource, here are 4 amazing reasons to use a boutique merchant services company for your payment processing and credit card services provider.

You Have An Advocate

With a boutique firm, you are a client, first and foremost. You are not a number in a system. You are appreciated and you have someone to be your advocate. This can include support with chargebacks, a personal phone call when something out of the ordinary happens or you are paying too much in PCI and non-compliance fees.

Time and Attention

The time and attention you deserve. Credit card processing and digital payment methods are a part of business, and making the most of the systems you have in place is essential. Someone who will take the extra effort to explain what and how, as well as the why, is a bonus (and is included in TransAct services).

Honest Feedback and Advice

Since there are many varied components, systems and tools that go into payment processing, such as POS Systems and accounting integration (among other things), having a boutique firm adds value to your business. Your bottom line matters more to the boutique firm than a big processor. Receiving honest feedback and advice, beyond the basics is often the difference between breaking even and making your payment systems work for you.

Consulting and Financial Support

Let’s be honest that payment processing can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. TransAct takes the time to help clients understand what is involved, how the systems work and what is important. Our consulting services and other financial support tools help small and medium businesses all over the country, in many industries, to grow ahead of the curve and their competition.

We are here for you, not just in the 2021 recovery – but as your boutique firm who has your back. We are committed to making a difference in your business if you let us. Thank you to those who have entrusted us… If you have a referral for someone who could use our services, please let us know.

We look forward to new clients who join us, too and are ready to connect with you to help guide you in your business initiatives this year – schedule a one-on-one appointment today.