3 Ways to Serve Customers Where They Are

As we work with more and more clients across the country, here are 3 ways to serve customers where they are. In some cases, you can stay where you are, too.

We are not even talking about vast differences in geography, but of course, we work in person with clients all the time. Sometimes we have to travel to get there. When that isn’t feasible, or necessary, we can do everything over the phone or online in a secure payment environment.

Think about these scenarios and how adding flexibility to your business might be something you want to do sooner than later to maintain your competitive edge in the market place.

Scenario #1 – You go to them.

Sometimes, being in person isn’t flexible enough. We have clients who have customers who need even more one-on-one personal attention. Consider the most recent situation, due to a personal tragedy, one of our clients went to see her customer, because she was able to accept payment with her new blue tooth card reader. She didn’t want this customer to have to come into her office, so she went there. The customer was not only grateful, she was relieved to be able to do things she had to do while at home.

Scenario #2 – Offer online solutions, no e-commerce website required.

In the event that the client wants to commit to services or products from home or their office, an online payment portal can be initiated via e-mail. If you would prefer, you can add a secure payment portal online, without requiring complicated e-commerce programming. Either way, it is free to set up and as an added bonus, it is super easy for you, your team and your customers to use.

Scenario #3 – Mobile devices – with or without a POS System.

Tablets and mobile devices are working for our clients who have a brick and mortar location, but have an older POS System or even a simple terminal. Now they want to be able to take a payment from a customer anywhere – including not being at the “front desk”. They have freedom to take payments for services such as monthly tutor fees, professional consultations or co-pays for a toddler’s well visit. This is a great way to maintain confidentiality, including HIPAA compliance, and it also helps with their personal comfort level and adds another layer of privacy.

Your needs may vary and that is why we offer a fully customizable approach for our clients. A twenty minute conversation is all it takes to learn more and see how these and other solutions might be the right next step. E-mail us today to set up an appointment.