3 Ways to Save Your Multi-unit Business Time and Money

You will thank us later…here are 3 ways to save your multi-unit business time and money. This is for all of the business owners out there who own and operate more than one location in the same line of business. If there are ways to create efficiencies, you probably have implemented them, but here are a few more options for you to consider.

1. Manage all refunds from one master account. No longer allow location managers to authorize a refund, especially a large ticket item, just because the customer had buyer remorse.

For example:

  • Your crew painted their house, but the client changed their mind on the color. You still should be paid for time, materials and the good faith effort to do the work. No refund is clearly stated in your contract and policy…
  • A client decided to return an item that was used, a big ticket electronic device that was custom fit to the client and can’t be repurposed for anyone else. No refund is allowed because you can’t return the item to the manufacturer and you can’t resell it to anyone else…
  • …but, in both cases – the manager feels bad and refunds it anyway. If the system had been set up the right way, no one but the owner would be able to authorize a refund over a set amount.

2. Consolidate training and support with one company, who knows your team, and understands your particular business model and preferences.

For example:

  • You had a manager who was with you for 3 years and they trained everyone on the system, now, you need someone else to move into their role AND someone to train the others.
  • Compliance scan failed…not just at one location, but at all units. Now you pay for three (or more) fees instead of one.
  • The hardware supplier who is also your merchant provider cares about your business – not only do they offer proactively to train your team and any new staff – they also walk you through scans to prevent the scan failure from happening in the first place.

3. This is probably the biggest impact – consolidated account, with roll up master level reporting.

For example:

  • Be able to see what is happening in all three (or more) locations.
  • Also enjoy the benefit of being able to manage each location at the unit level to see which site is performing better.
  • Plus, set up pricing and promotions in one system and apply to all locations – this can be done remote if you set it up the right way from the beginning.

Finally – here is a bonus 4th item – receive the benefit of the larger overall transaction volume which will save you even more.

Want to know more ways to save? Want to know why it is good to ask? (A client we helped this summer has already projected over $10,000 in annual savings.)

That last part is probably worth a 20 minute phone call. Or, maybe e-mail works better for you – either way – you have made a lot of good decisions to get to where you are and this can be just one more good thing you have done.