3 Ways to Leverage Your Credit Card Processing Better in 2017

As we close out 2016, there are probably things you want to accomplish in your business next year. Here are three ways to leverage your credit card processing better in 2017. Simplify your life, your business and your payment systems.

1. Add online payment portal – a secure, PCI compliant way to accept payments from clients.
2. Set up integration with QuickBooks for easier, faster bookkeeping and ability to review profit and loss statements with less effort.
3. Decide if you need a new POS.

There are many ways to look at your credit card processing systems and make minor changes that either reduce expenses, bringing more cash to the bottom line or create efficiency and again, reduce expenses. If you can do this, while improving the data available about your business, you and your team can use this information to improve the business even more.

A few small changes in 2017 can make a big difference. Happy New Year!
~ Mary Ann