Consulting Services

3 Ways to Get Concierge Level of Service for the Same Cost

At TransAct we are always talking about expenses and how to reduce them for our clients. Most business owners are concerned about paying too much for “commodity-based” services. The good thing is that when clients work with TransAct there are at least 3 ways to get concierge level of service for the same cost of merchant services and credit card processing. Many times, we offer all of this (and more than we mention here today) for a lower cost than our competitors.

No kidding.

TransAct is able to compete with big and small banks, off-the-shelf solutions, and well-known online service providers with a wide variety of financial and merchant services. What’s even better, the additional support provided is offered at no-cost. These are needed in this ever-changing business and economic climate.

Three of the most sought-after services in the industry today are available as part of the TransAct merchant services platform and are included as part of your account with us.

Online Payment Portal

Click to pay, secure payment via e-mail and more are all part of our digital platform and do not incur any additional fees on the part of the business. Check out our digital payment options and learn more here.

Consulting Services

Whether you are selecting a new POS System, integrating QuickBooks with your monthly merchant statement for easier accounting and bookkeeping reconciliations, or fighting chargebacks, there are countless ways we help our clients improve their business processes and workflows. We look for ways to reduce expenses while making the business more efficient.

We offer a variety of consulting services and work very closely with independent business owners, solopreneurs, emerging franchise brands, established franchise owners, BNI members and associations in many industries.

No matter where a business operates across the country, our team helps the business get ahead of its competition with a wide variety of financial services and support. It is easy to connect and chat about what you need for the future in your brick and mortar, virtual or online business. Choose a time that works for you, just pick the day, time and topic you want to cover during our call.

PCI Compliance

With PCI compliance training and support, including initial and ongoing training, TransAct clients should never be in the dark about how to stay in compliance. On a regular basis, we assess client accounts and follow up on exceptions that might lead to an out-of-compliance condition. If a business is not PCI compliant, many merchant services companies, and especially banks, will assess monthly fees on top of a non-compliance fine – this is in addition to their implementation of newly assessed quarterly scan fees. Keep in mind, ours is a simple annual fee that was deferred in 2020 due to the pandemic.

These non-compliant PCI fees often remain on an account and are charged month after month until the business fixes the problem. TransAct is proactive and contacts business owners who utilize our merchant services platforms to help to resolve these types of issues in a timely fashion.

For those of you reading this who may have noticed a PCI fee on your recent statement(s) reach out to us now to see if we can help you eliminate this unnecessary fee.

If you are looking for a great service provider, one that works with you to choose the best features and services for your business without charging more, consider the next evolution in merchant services. TransAct wants to be your concierge in credit card processing and help you grow, remain competitive and succeed in the coming months and years.

P.S. We never mandate a contract, so there’s no risk to work with TransAct.