3 Things You Should Have Done This Year So Far

Here are 3 things you should have done this year so far…have you done them all?

  • Finished your 2016 review of last year. Have you gotten through all of the paperwork, documents and statements from last year’s business dealings?
  • Set your Q2 Goals – with the first quarter nearly wrapped up, we hope that you have accomplished everything that you set your sights on for 2017 and are ready for spring.
  • Made at least one change in your business to help you be more efficient, more effective and better for your clients and customers.

First – We have helped a number of our clients walk through their end of year statements from 2016 and helped them with the incremental savings from changing their credit card processing in 2017.

Second – We have our 2nd (and third and fourth quarter) goals in place, but after running through this first part of the year, we have made adjustments to our plan. Our team meets each month and touches base at least once a week to see that we are all working together to achieve our plan for this year.

Third – One change that we have made this year is creating unique incentives for each of our team members, since we all want different things at this stage in our career. We each know what we want to do in 2017 and at the heart of this is helping our clients to be more efficient.  We have helped many of our current and brought on new clients, connecting their accounts, adding point-of-sale systems, setting up QuickBooks integration and installing new equipment, too.

So, I am proud of my team, clearly we have more to do in 2017, but the beginning of the year is off to a good start.  If we can help you get to where you want to go, please ask. We are here for you.

~ Mary Ann