3 Things To Do To Enhance Customer Loyalty

We have been watching, listening and reading recently and here are 3 things to do to enhance customer loyalty and increase the frequency of visits to your business.

The easier thing to do once you have a customer is to keep them coming back again and again.

Increasing customer loyalty usually starts with delivering great products and services – doing what you have promised to the customer – the first time and then every time after that.

When we counsel a client, we discuss the many strategies to increase customer loyalty. Having easy payment systems in place is part of that, but integrating as many key features to the systems as you can makes it even easier. Combining loyalty, gift cards and the POS System is one place to start. Using the POS System, CRM or scheduling software and sharing the user app with clients is commonplace today and essential to your business. Allowing customers to schedule, change and update appointments online, book services, or order products all via the company’s app is easier than ever with the right tools.

On top of using technology to the fullest extent, many brands today are putting together special perks for their most loyal customers, club participants and members. 

How to Strengthen Customer Loyalty & Retention

Based on what we are seeing, hearing and reading in the industry, the three best customer loyalty strategies today are:

1) Free services and products.

For example: Buy 8 cups of coffee earn 1 free – or, earn stars for free/discounted items are the ones that you probably think of first, but it could go further depending on your brand and what you offer. Eye doctors provide free cleaning cloths, eyeglass adjustments and even a free pair of sunglasses with an eye appointment.

These are all nominal cost items for these particular industries and the loyalty of the customer far outweighs the investment in those items “at cost”.

2) Limited edition gear and swag.

From bags and reusable totes to cups and apparel – customers can wear the merch or use them for future purchases – along with an additional discount when they come back each time they visit.

Going beyond the environmental benefits of reusable these items – and shifting from single-use plastics – the loyal customer will proudly wear or carry your branded item around with them. Whether you are giving them a free cold tote bag for their craft beer, or a discount with this season’s limited edition mug, they will show the community how much they support and trust your company.

3) Priority purchases, seating and reservations.

The ability to have VIP status over other “everyday” customers, along with insider communications on the hottest new thing to become available, is always in demand. From tickets to events, seating inside or outside (whatever they prefer) and advance notice of new items coming in stock, keep in touch with them and be “seen” even if just via e-mail or text.

Of course, these are just a few ideas.

Look to the biggest retailers around for ideas on what is trending and think about what will work best for your product line or service offering. Part of creating customer loyalty and retention on top of these special things is being the best in your industry.

Trust us, it only takes a slight bit of extra effort – call the client back, answer their questions in a friendly and knowledgeable way, and do what you said you will do (when you said you would do it) are all ways to create loyalty, trust and help you retain customers.

Remember, we are happy to help brainstorm and share ideas with you on what is hot in the marketing side of creating loyalty today. Contact us today and schedule a short one-on-one call to chat about loyalty, customer retention tools and ways to build a better relationship with your clients.