3 Steps to Security in Your 2020 TransActions

There are at least 3 steps to security in your 2020 TransActions, make sure you are following the most trusted process and working with the most up to date systems.

Start with the people you trust to handle your financial transactions.

  • Are they reliable?
  • Do they have longevity in their business?
  • Have they been transparent with contract terms and fees?

Then, follow the process to ensure PCI compliance.

  • Are you running routine audits?
  • Are you changing passwords regularly?
  • Are you using separate log ins for each person handling financial TransActions?
  • Are you using online verification to ensure the people accessing your systems are the right people?
  • Are you running current and up to date software?
  • Do you have secure payment links and CAPTCHA in use?

Finally, ensure that the options you choose to offer to your clients and customers for payment TransActions are viable for your business.

  • Is the effort sustainable and efficient?
  • Can it be duplicated consistently with every payment?
  • Can it be tracked and reviewed for mistakes?
  • Will it open the door to charge backs or refunds?
  • Are you exposing your business to risk due to local laws?
  • Did you know that surcharging is not permitted in all states and may have specific requirements?

In the fifteen plus years that TransAct has been helping clients in the financial payment industry, we have seen companies make decisions without being fully aware of all of the risks.

Know your options. Ask the right questions. Receive the training and support you deserve. Be sure to follow the best practices available today for keeping your business secure, safe and growing for years to come.

If you don’t know what you should do, contact us for an honest opinion. Our consultations are always free and if we can’t help you, we will be forthcoming to let you know.