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3 Reasons to Offer Pay by Text or QR Code

Today retailers, restaurants, trade contractors and service providers can become text to pay companies as long as they have a trusted merchant services company. TransAct is an authorized QR code payment service provider and SMS payment provider. We encourage you to read more, but here are 3 reasons to offer pay by text or QR code now.

TransAct offers the option to initiate a payment through either QR code or SMS, which fall under the broad umbrella of text to pay and digital payment processing. The method, whether you prefer to use QR, SMS or both is slightly different, but the payment process, security and timing are the same.

  1. simple
  2. secure
  3. super-fast

Text to pay reduces carrying costs, streamlines collections and improves turn-around of payment time. Service provider clients who used text to pay last year realized that they could collect payments faster than using other traditional methods used to request payment.

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If these 3 reasons don’t convince you, let’s break down some of the fundamentals.

How Do QR Code Payments Work?

The TransAct merchant processing system generates a unique QR code for your company which can be shared with a client or with customers for them to scan, access the secure link and follow the prompts to pay their invoice or bill.

QR codes are those square black and white (usually) images – see one of ours here:

This will provide an easy-to-scan-and-follow link to a website and in this case, a secure payment portal.

Benefits of QR Code Payments

A payment request can be initiated by generating a printed or digital invoice with the QR code on the document. It can also be included on an invoice, service quote, menu, or other marketing materials.

Each unique QR code is generated to easily direct the customer to process a payment.

The QR code eliminates someone mistyping the URL for an online payment, makes it easier for the customer to get to the payment portal and improves the turn-around time to receive a payment that can be processed more quickly.

How Do SMS Payments Work?

Text or SMS payments are links that can be sent to a mobile device, smartphone or tablet that the user can tap and follow to process their payment. 

Benefits of SMS Payments

Our clients are using SMS payments to text a request for payment to clients after they register for a class, set up an appointment, or receive a quote for services. This link can be used for deposits, pre-payments for memberships or parties, and for interim or final invoices. If payment is not made, easy reminders can be sent on the schedule you decide.

Each TransAct client is provided a unique URL for their payment portal that is secure and easy to use.

You can choose to use SMS payment requests as part of a communication that the field crew is on their way and a reminder to pay an invoice for services or at the end of a job with the amount due. It can be initiated by staff, your CRM or POS System, field service management system, scheduling software, accounting application or integrated into another invoice process used today.

Text to Pay

Text to pay – no matter what method used – is here to stay and easier than ever to adopt. Text to pay can be used with e-Checks or electronic checks, EFT, ACH, credit card payments or any other digital payment method you offer in your company.

This straightforward, PCI Compliant and streamlined process improves your accounts receivables by reducing payment turn around and time to pay. Schedule a quick demo to see how it works today.