3 New Mobile Payment Options For Your Seasonal Business

Here are 3 new mobile payment options for your seasonal business.

We are excited to let you know that we can still help you finish out a great summer with your seasonal business, whether it is painting, landscaping, pool and swim clubs or even farmer’s marketing and temporary retailing.

A few weeks ago, we talked about deciding if your business was too big for those national programs, even if you are not yet processing $1,000 per month, we have a few options for you that are budget friendly, easy to implement and allow you to manage multiple processing devices, with mobile team members with the control you need.

1) Bronze – Single user and a single device
2) Gold – Multiple users and a single device
3) Platinum – Multiple users and multiple devices

No matter the size of your team or your business, here are 6 features available from all three of these programs.

1) Less expensive than back end terminals
2) Immediate, in person, mobile processing that lets you capture a signature
3) Each processing device has a login and user defined password – if someone leaves, just change the password and cancel their access to your credit card merchant account
4) Eases and streamlines back office paper work
5) Signature confirmation when card is processed is more reliable for your security
6) Flexible

One last thought for you to consider with your seasonal business. I’ve recently had the fortunate opportunity to work with several businesses who are owned and operated by Millennials.

One of my landscaper clients told me that they were putting the mobile devices out in the field with his crews because in certain neighborhoods, areas with younger singles and couples, they don’t have paper checks.

When he thought about it, he realized that his clients were using online bill pay with their bank to cut him an e-check but had asked about paying with their credit card. Now, he rarely receives paper checks anymore – which he doesn’t miss because as he said it, he doesn’t have to stamp them, write out deposit slips and go to the bank as frequently. His funding comes in the next day and he can easily reconcile the deposits.

~ Mary Ann