3 Creative Ways You Can Help Your Clients and Customers Pay For Essential Products and Services

We work almost exclusively with small and medium businesses. We know you are in a time of crisis. We have come up with 3 creative ways you can help your clients and customers pay for essential products and services. These are simple, secure and easy to implement.

As we are experiencing a health crisis that is causing a terrible financial strain on businesses, customers and clients continue to need essential services. How do we get to them, and how can they pay for them?

Maybe you are a sole proprietor, who has never collected payments via credit card, and cash is “not safe to handle” anymore.

Maybe you are a manager or owner with employees you want to keep employed, but your clients can’t pay in person, face-to-face any more.

Maybe you have already done the work, as previously committed and now wonder how they will be able to afford the service.

No matter the situation, reason, or cause – know that you have options.

Simple. Mobile. Touchless. Online. Options.

We can help.

For those of you with a TransAct account, you can activate our 24/7 payment invoicing. Simply send the invoice via e-mail with a secure payment link to your online portal. If you don’t know how to do this. We can teach you.

Need to add a new feature to process payments over the phone or online? That can be set up, too. Contact us now.

Consider offering smaller, monthly payments to break down larger balances into manageable, automatic TransActions. Set this up today.

Setting these up take a short time and many of them can start working today.

This is a time in business, more than ever, when every dollar counts. We are ready to do what we can to keep you and your business operating in the new ways we must.

Want to learn more? E-mail us or contact us here.