3 Things That Can Benefit Your Company

There are more than 3 things that can benefit your company as you plan for the year end of 2018 and gear up for 2019. You probably know a lot of them already. Here are three of the latest industry tidbits and trends that you may not have known were happening (or have already happened.)

1- No Signature Required

In April Visa, following the leader after Mastercard and American Express announced a year ago, also agreed to eliminate the signature requirement for chip or EMV cards. (E-mail us if you would like to read more about this change.)

2- Fighting Charge Backs

While you may still want to get a signature for return or other customer-service policies, having a signature will not impact your ability to fight a charge-back. What can help, is asking us to assist. We have a team dedicated to helping you keep and retain more of the revenues you collect – in every way possible. We are your advocate and can help you when someone tries to dispute a valid charge to their card account. We do it all the time and there is no extra charge for this service. We do it, because it is the right thing to do.

3- Speed and Ease of the TransAction

Eliminating signatures on the receipt can help you, too. You know already that EMV processing takes longer, so no longer requiring a signature is just one way to speed up the transaction.  If you have not made the investment to upgrade your card readers, waiting has paid off. The newest technology is now available, and our blue tooth chip card reader is portable; use it anywhere in your office, or anywhere your business takes you and your crew. Plus, you don’t have to worry about printers, paper or storing receipts either.

To find out more about the latest advances in POS and chip enabled terminals, contact us for a quick demo; let us know if you need features like inventory management, QuickBooks integration, tablet readers, table-side check processing, field or other mobile processing – there are so many options – your needs can be accomplished in one easy-to-use system.

One change, a big win all around. If you are looking for specific assistance for your company, we are more than a merchant services provider and will work diligently as a financial consultant to you and your team. Let us know – we can help.

~ Mary Ann