26 Industries Where You Should Offer Improved Services To Your Clients Now

Your customers and clients have no time. Help them before your competition does. Here are 26 industries where you should offer improved services to your clients now.

There is literally one simple thing that you can do now, that will be unique and even what some might call an industry disrupter. Even if you are not in the restaurant industry, you can see what 3rd party delivery is doing. Even restaurants (cough cough) like McDonalds are adding UberEATS, Grub Hub and Door Dash to their offering, taking advantage of the emerging trend and maintaining customers by adding an in-demand service.

This is what recurring, automatic billing is for your business. Whether you are in a service, medical or personal care industry, your competition is adding this offering. They are making it simple for clients to make monthly payments or to budget out a “higher than normal” monthly expense.

If you have clients who come to your business on a weekly or monthly basis, may incur high out of pocket co-pays or, you offer a product or service that costs more than $500 you should read more.

  1. Tutoring
  2. Legal services
  3. Funeral services
  4. Automotive repair
  5. Business Coaching
  6. Personal Counseling
  7. After school enrichment
  8. Childcare and preschools
  9. Music and drama lessons
  10. Ophthalmology and eye care
  11. Audiology and hearing centers
  12. Spas: massage, facials and waxing
  13. Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
  14. Dermatology and skin care
  15. Physical and occupational therapy
  16. Home organizing/downsizing
  17. Medical and lab services
  18. Urgent care centers
  19. Chiropractic care
  20. Dental practices
  21. Construction
  22. Lawn care
  23. Flooring
  24. Painting
  25. Closets
  26. HVAC

If you are in one of these industries, adding automatic billing – and making it simple for your clients to stop worrying about payments – is a must.

Help them stop worrying. Help them avoid a missed payment. Keep their stress level, and yours low. Reduce staff effort from tracking down payments, create more efficient, predictable revenue and reduce or eliminate accounts receivables and collections.

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