Realtor Credit Card Processing

2021 Credit Card Payment Trends in Real Estate

How do top-performing real estate agents stay relevant to the current customer expectations? They research what is happening and then, adopt the newest best practices ahead of their competition. Here are the 2021 credit card payment trends in real estate so you can adapt your business as an agent to better serve your clients.

While many simply dismiss the idea of credit card payments in the real estate industry, those are just thinking about the sale or transaction of a home. There are many other payment processes that should be considered in the day and life of a Realtor.

A common question we are often asked is:

“Do real estate agents accept credit cards?”

Yes, especially the agents who want to maintain a competitive edge and perform better than their competition. Of course they should accept credit cards. It is practical, convenient and an added benefit to the client.

That said, a credit card is not typically used for payment of a percentage-based commission on a real estate transaction. However, there are many other times when a credit card payment has commonplace today. There are several areas of day-to-day business, as well as non-traditional sales, when accepting credit card payments are more requested than ever before.

The general business of being a real estate agent goes beyond the big sale and it is those everyday activities that make a good agent into a great one in the eyes of the client. Accepting credit cards in your real estate agency is easy to do.

Real Estate Agents Accept Credit Cards

If you are watching the home market trends and currently seeking to sell your home, you need to know this first. Before you list your property for rent or consider listing For Sale By Owner or FSBO, you should ask your agent if they take credit cards. Real estate agents will typically accept credit cards for:

  • Apartment rental fees
  • Pre-sale consultations
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listing
  • Online and print listings of home or apartment
  • Home inspection fees
  • Photography for online listings
  • Videography and drone pictures
  • Staging
  • Flat fee payment vs a percentage-based commission at closing

As an agent, many of your competitors prefer a credit card as a secure, easy and faster way to collect payment.

Many agents realize that more and more of the younger generations of adults are banking on digital platforms only; they do not use paper checks and prefer to use credit cards. As a great real estate agent – if you want their business as a first-time homebuyer or for a rental – you know that you need to be able to accommodate their personal payment preferences.

Pay Systems For Real Estate Agents

Realtors have the option to do what they prefer when they use the best pay systems for real estate agent transactions. Many want to stay in control of their financial management for each listing and sale. These can include traditional credit card payments, digital payments, EFTs, e-Checks and even Text to Pay. Offering these options can be the difference between getting the client and a sought-after listing.

No matter how the client prefers to pay, agents who offer credit card payment systems for real estate transactions are the best of the best.

Ask us more about how this can help you as the trends always change. Be prepared for the next wave of client requests. To find out what is right for you and your agency, please schedule a meeting or call at your convenience.