Happy 2021 - a look back on 20 great things in 2020!

20 Good Things From TransAct in 2020

There are plenty of things that we know could have gone better this year, but here are 20 good things from TransAct in 2020 – we hope you have some of these on your list, too.

  1. Continuing Clients – you are highest on our list as we appreciate your continued confidence in our products, programs and services.
  2. In-person conferences – we always like seeing our clients and brands in person, we never knew how much we’d actually miss them once they stopped in March.
  3. New clients – thank you for your trust, we are happy to have you on board!
  4. Email to pay – for those of you (us) who are tied to our computers, this is a staple in our digital solutions platform, it meets PCI compliance and ties back into QuickBooks, too (which is super handy for end of year taxes and accounting!)
  5. Family – we love them so much and are happy to have them near; while wishing for a visit in person with those far away soon.
  6. Growing franchise brands – new franchise owners and entrepreneurs who took the leap of faith and opened a new business in 2020. We wish you all the best and applaud you for your confidence in the brand; we are proud to support you!
  7. Curbside pickup – we didn’t even know this was a thing, but we sure do like it a lot, and helping clients add contactless payment options was certainly a good feeling.
  8. Text to pay – this has been a part of our digital solutions platform for a while but came in handy for some new clients and existing ones, too.
  9. Zoom – or Google Meet or Microsoft Teams – all those tools we were able to use; we appreciate this technology for all it did to help us stay connected visually…it almost felt like we were meeting in person sometimes.
  10. Home office – we enhanced it, but it served us well and a virtual background is a big plus, but not as amazing as the new office chair we found online!
  11. E-Commerce advances in POS Systems that allowed retailers and restaurants to continue to serve their customers – when owners needed to pivot/adapt/update their website – we are thrilled we were able to help.
  12. Educational opportunities – the ability to continue to learn new things helps us to help you; and remember we always offer training if you or anyone on your team needs a refresher.
  13. BNI chapter members – you stuck with it and made the virtual meetings work, keeping referrals and business moving – plus – a very big SHOUT OUT to those chapters who donated their pre-paid breakfasts and lunches to area first responders and medical staff working to serve their community.
  14. Click to schedule – whether it is helping our clients or helping us book an appointment it is so nice to be able to just see the openings and schedule time together when it is mutually convenient and keeps us moving forward.
  15. Outdoor patio dining – what can we say? We like to eat and this was the one way we were able to see clients, friends and family this year and not have to cook at home.
  16. Support from our social media followers – you are the best! We saw some great growth and engagement this year, happy to have you along with us for the journey. If you have things you’d like to know or learn, just let us know. We are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  17. Time at home – while we miss the business travel, being able to “sleep in” is kind of a nice thing.
  18. Our new website – while this wasn’t on the plan at the beginning of the year, the opportunity presented itself (pre-pandemic) and we are so glad we were able to get it done – if you haven’t taken a tour, check it out!
  19. Mini getaways – while vacations were not as planned, small breaks make the difference; from time at the lake, drives to the mountains and day trips to the beach (or the shore whatever you prefer) we were able to refresh and recharge “just enough” to make it through this crazy year.
  20. The TransAct team – we all work together, and it is a team effort. From our tech center, to our web and marketing team, everyone does their part to allow sales and operations to deliver great services and find the right solutions for each and every one of our very unique clients.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year with our hope for health, success and prosperity in 2021.