13 Scary Things That Impact Your Business

Friday the 13th has us rethinking 13 scary things that impact your business.

  1. Employee are quietly quitting
  2. Inventory delays have you unsure of what you have in stock or on order
  3. You get a 1 star online rating from someone confusing you with a lower quality competitor
  4. Parking meters being added in front of your business.
  5. Your leasing agent wants you to consolidate space and take back some square footage to rent to someone else
  6. You bought too many shirts for the playoffs and have to do deep discounts
  7. Quickbooks is sunsetting the system you use
  8. You forgot to log out of the system and someone charged cards, refunded them and took the cash
  9. Your best employee has Covid (again)
  10. Your financial advisor is retiring
  11. Your payroll company never paid your employee wage taxes
  12. Your anchor store is moving to a new shopping center
  13. Your PCI compliance scan failed and now you are paying fees.

So many things are out of your control, be sure to take steps on the ones you can.  We can help. Contact us today for help avoiding #2, 6, #7, #8 and #13 in your business going forward.

A few more weeks and it will be just two more months until the end of the year. Happy Halloween – be sure you avoid the scary things that don’t really have anything to do with Friday the 13th.