13 Scary Things That Can Happen in Your Business

In honor of Halloween, here are 13 scary things that can happen in your business. (Don’t let #13 happen to you.)

  1. Your best employee quits unexpectedly.
  2. Your biggest competition opens down the street.
  3. You get a negative rating on Google/Facebook/Yelp!
  4. You hear that your best supplier is closing down.
  5. Your lease expires and the landlord is selling the building.
  6. You have unsold merchandise that is now out of code (and can’t be returned.)
  7. You can’t find your invoices from this month and you know they are due.
  8. You left a list of things for your employees to do and they didn’t do them.
  9. Your best employee left to start a competing business.
  10. Your accountant is retiring.
  11. Your payroll company went bankrupt.
  12. Your town started a project that re-routes traffic and detours your customers.
  13. Your PCI compliance scan failed and now you are paying fees.

A lot of things happen ever day that you can’t control. Take charge of the ones you can. We can help. Contact us today for help avoiding this last pitfall, and so many others.

PS Happy Halloween