10,000 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Independent POS

Here are 10,000 reasons why you should consider an independent POS, aka Point of Sale System.

And we are not kidding.

Many industries have their so called “best of the best” POS systems, they are the go to choice for anyone in that field.

What we have found, however, is that they often integrate a credit card processing and merchant services platform locking you in. Then, because you don’t have a choice to shop for credit card processing services, they charge your business more for every single payment you run through the system.

Of course, some of the features of the POS system may be amazing, they may save you time and they may make it easier for your staff or your customers (or both.)

However, those features are actually widely available at systems that not only offer you all of those benefits, they also let you choose your processor.

Independent processing companies (if worth their value to you) help you train, answer questions when you are not sure about the PCI notice you received, they can help you interpret your statement, and answer your questions when you see a charge back.

(We do all of those things and more.)

For example, we were recently asked to evaluate a closed aka non-independent POS system and we found over $10,000 in overage costs, that were assessed in a variety of ways: higher percentages, higher fees, more fees and a PCI non-compliance charge that had been ongoing for more than 6 months. No one from the POS company called them to ask why they were not completing their PCI scan.

These and many more reasons are why we recommend evaluating all of your options, more than just the industry giants. That extra moment you take – just 20 minutes on a call with one of TransAct team members can help you understand everything that you are committing to and what the overall expenses might be in one year’s time.

Want to learn more? E-mail us today to set up a free evaluation. Who knows, it might be worth $10,000 to you in savings.

By the way, 97% of the time, we find savings for our new clients. If we don’t, we will be upfront with you and advise you to stay where you are.